POLAND: A new passenger operator was launched on October 1 when Koleje Slaskie began Czestochowa - Katowice - Gliwice local services, plus a weekend train to Wisla.

KS is owned by Slaskie voivodship, which was unhappy at its share of the subsidy for Polish regional train operator PR increasing from 100m zloty to 180m zloty in the three years since ownership was transferred to the voivodships.

Dolnolslaskie had launched its own operator in 2007, followed by Wielkopolskie in 2009. Mazowieckie had also launched an operator in 2004, although this was initially run in co-operation with PKP SA.

KS has three Stadler Flirt and eight Pesa Elf EMUs, plus two modernised EN57 units and 10 D coaches paired with two Traxx electric locomotives leased from Lotos Kolej. One Elf and one Flirt are to be delivered, and Newag is to supply five more modernised EN57 EMUs.