Leo Express

EUROPE: Shareholder RENFE has announced the appointment of Peter Köhler as CEO of central European open access and contract passenger operator Leo Express, a return to the position he held until the end of 2019.

Pavel Spilka was appointed CEO in early 2020, since when Köhler has led strategic planning and business development.

‘Leo Express has one of the most talented teams’, said Köhler when his return to the CEO role was announced on May 25. ‘Together with its new shareholders RENFE, Euromaint and Leo Mobility, I look forward to making Leo Express a best in class and technical leader in passenger rail services in Europe, whilst supporting the transformation of European mobility services towards economic and environmental sustainability.’

Leo Express board

Manel Villalante (Chairman)
Leoš Novotný (Vice-Chairman)
Martin Bala (COO)
Sonia Araujo (RENFE Viajeros CEO)
Teresa Torres (RENFE CFO)
Zdenek Beranek
Ibón García (Euromaint)