SPAIN: On January 26 the cabinet approved the 2007-10 contract programme between the government and ADIF, which will see the infrastructure authority receive a total of €11·9bn from the state.

Over this period ADIF is planning to spend a total of €23bn, with the balance to be found from its own resources, European Union funding and other sources.

Just over half the government funding has been earmarked for the conventional network, with €3·44bn to be spent on maintenance and operations and €3·02bn to be invested in projects delegated to ADIF by the Ministry of Development. These include the installation of CTC on 800 route-km, the abolition or upgrading of 900 level crossings, track renewals on 500 km of the network and the upgrading of 350 km of overhead line equipment as well as 15 traction substations. The project to build a high speed line between Ourense and Santiago de Compostela is to receive €1·71bn.

Amongst ADIF's targets for 2010 is a commitment to reduce its total number of employees to 13 349 or by 8% compared to present levels.

  • ADIF has signed a co-operation agreement with Moroccan state railway ONCF that will see the two organisations work together on major investment projects. A working group is to set objectives for the first three years of the six-year agreement.