INTERNATIONAL: The International Union of Railways’ coronavirus task force has published its third document on the sector’s response to the crisis, focusing on how the rail industry fought Covid-19 during lockdown periods and looking at the mitigation measures put in place to stop the spread of the virus.

UIC said the outbreak had created an unprecedented situation that was continuing to impact people around the world, but the rail sector had immediately mobilised and demonstrated its ability to ‘resist, absorb, accommodate and recover from’ the effects of the pandemic in a ‘timely, co-ordinated and efficient manner’. This had enabled the preservation and restoration of essential public transport and freight services.

UIC’s Covid-19 Task Force was formed to bring together 70 members and 18 international organisations and provide a ‘trusted space’ for stakeholders to share information and best practice.

Its first publication in March provided guidance on the management of Covid-19 for railway stakeholders.

This was followed in April by a second document which looked beyond the immediate crisis to focus on potential measures to restore public confidence in rail travel following the pandemic.

A fourth document is currently being prepared, focusing on the recovery period and the various measures being taken by the railways post-confinement.