Belkommunmash Type BKM-802 single-section tram.

BELARUS: Belkommunmash’s first Type BKM-802 single-section tram has entered trial service on the 11 km line linking the city of Navapolatsk with a nearby petrochemical complex. Derived from the articulated BKM-843/84300M design, the 1 524 m gauge four-axle BKM-802 is intended as a low-cost vehicle for use on smaller networks.

The 15·5 m long tram partially low-floor, with 37% of the floor at 370 mm and the remainder at 750 mm above the rail. There are 28 seats and space for 137 standing passengers, with a ramp for wheelchair access. The interior has LED lighting and a passenger information system. Four IGBT controlled 50 kW traction motors give a maximum acceleration of 1·2 m/s2 and speed of 62 km/h.