Moovit TfL crowdedness app screen

UK: Intel’s Mobility-as-a-Service technology business is using open data feeds from Transport for London to tell Moovit app users how busy London Underground stations are, enabling them to opt to travel at quieter times.

Users can view the displayed ‘busyness’ data in Moovit’s Station Details screen, and then confirm or update the information themselves to help keep others informed.

Users can also add crowding level reports to Moovit if no data is available, selecting Not Crowded, A Little Crowded, Crowded or Very Crowded. Other people nearby will see this information for a period of up to 10 min in the Station Details screens before it is refreshed by TfL’s open data.

‘Our innovative use of data algorithms to illustrate station busyness is now being used across a range of channels to help our customers better plan journeys’, said TfL’s Chief Data Officer Lauren Sager Weinstein.

‘TfL’s real-time information, made available via our website, our open data API or the TfL Go app, gives people access to the latest real-time information. This allows people to plan routes designed around their personal circumstances and help them avoid the busiest times on the network.’