GERMANY: Freiburg public transport operator VAG and the Südbaden branch of motoring association ADAC have added two electric cargo bikes to the city’s existing cargo bike hire offering.

The city’s free LastenVelo Freiburg cargo bike hire service already has three three-wheel and two two-wheel conventional cargo cycles. The latest additions are a VAG FREI.MOBIL-branded three-wheel gustav-W Cargobike and an ADAC Südbaden-branded ‘LastenEngel’ two-wheeled Bullitt bike with a maximum load of 100 kg in its cargo box.

‘With the LastenVelo ADAC and FREI.MOBIL, VAG closes a gap in the service offering for all those who want to transport large items over middle distances in an environmentally friendly way’, said VAG Chairman Oliver Benz.

‘In the future people in large cities will use bikes more and more’, said ADAC Südbaden Chairman Clemens Bieniger. ‘Ultimately we want to transform our office at Am Predigertor into a “House of Mobility”.’