ELECTRIFICATION: British infrastructure manager Network Rail has approved the use of FLI Structures' Flexi-Pile Cap during the installation of electrification masts.

Flexi-Pile Cap is designed for use when driven piles for electrification masts are in a suboptimal location or are misaligned. The problematic pile is cut back and then drilled using a template, with the Flexi-Pile Cap bolted in place as a correctly-aligned mounting for the mast.

The caps are available as a single piece for installation with lifting equipment, or in a bolt-together form for carrying by hand. If the pile is out of position because of buried utilities, the FLI Flexi-Adaptor Beam can be fitted to the cap.

The supplier says that installation takes one-third of the time which would be needed for re-profiling and re-welding new pile bosses. 'The great thing about the Flexi-Pile Cap is that all the quality-critical work is done off-site, and only quick and simple site works are required, improving safety and quality', according to Engineering Manager Trevor Burden.