Freight wagon with digital sensor technology (Photo TX Logistik)

EUROPE: Mercitalia Group’s TX Logistik arm and Mercitalia Intermodal have launched a 15-month project to determine how digital technology can best be integrated into combined transport operations.

Freight wagon with sensor technology (Photo TX Logistik)

Sensors and communication technologies provided by manufacturers including Nexxiot and PJM will be used to monitor the condition of wagon brakes and record the distance travelled and exact location. A particular focus is being placed on transporting road trailers, with digital technology to be used to check the correct position of the kingpin, changes in the locking status and the loading condition.

Mercitalia said its target was move from ‘smart wagons’ to a ‘smart train’, with each wagon connected to the others as well as to the train driver in order to enable automatic brake testing and monitoring of the train dynamics.