USA: Industrial Networks has expanded its suite of yard management tools with the INet Gateway platform, which is designed to smooth everyday logistics and data collection tasks including inventory management, shunting, inspections, wagon repair photos, security seal tracking and usage analytics reviews.

A mapping screen provides a real-time view of operations with relevant wagon information. ‘Instead of showing you a generic view of a railyard with all of your inventory, we show you a Google Maps-style view of your railyard’, said Industrial Networks President Jimmy Finster. ‘This functionality makes it easier to manage inventory, quickly create switch lists, reference inspections and photos, and access information specific to any one railcar.’

The INet Gateway platform has been piloted over the last year, and the full release is now available to railways and repair shops. ‘We are very excited about taking the next step in helping rail operations automate and better manage their facilities’, said Finster.

‘Our solutions have collected pertinent railcar data for years — now it is time to consider how we manage that data effectively, so that railroads and repair shops alike can maximise their efficiency and cost savings.’