SLOVENIA: An Incident-Response Management system which Iskratel has implemented for Slovenian Railways detected four cases of overheated wheels resulting from locked brakes in its first month of operation.

Developed from a proof-of-concept exhibited at InnoTrans 2016 and due to be on show as a commercial product at InnoTrans 2018, the IRM uses internet of things concepts to connect systems for detecting locked brakes, overheated wheels and axles, wheel flats and uneven loading.

In the event of a problem the system immediately alerts the operator and provides key information to support rapid decision making, showing the alarm location and type as well as the train number, direction, speed, length and number of axles. A customised graphical interface provides with clear alerts and offers predefined scenarios for responding.

‘This successful implementation of our IRM system, which we will showcase for the first time at InnoTrans 2018, shows that, together with our valued customer Slovenian Railways, we are moving towards the digital transformation of the transport industry’, said Iskratel director Matjaž Jelen. ‘In less than a month of operation, it has already detected four alarms, preventing potential damage and incurred costs for our customer.’