CRRC trainset for KTMB.

MALAYSIA: A €180m contract for 22 multiple-units of two types was signed by Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport, national operator KTMB and CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive on April 11.

The order includes 13 four-car DMUs for use on regional services. These Class 61 units will have an operating speed of 120 km/h, design speed of 140 km/h and be equipped with CRRC's own design of graphene-based supercapacitor. CRRC said the 60 kF capacity energy storage would enable 85% of the braking energy to be recovered for use when accelerating.

The order also includes nine 25kV 50 Hz six-car inter-city EMUs identical to the Class 93 trainsets delivered in 2015. These will have an operating speed of 140 km/h, a design speed of 160 km/h and a capacity of 320 passengers.

The metre-gauge units are to be produced at the CRRC’s Batu Gajah plant in Malaysia’s Perak state for delivery by the end of 2018.