Ateli – Phulera section of the Western DFC (Photo: DFCCIL)

INDIA: A machine vision inspection system for automating the detection of wagon defects is being developed by start-up L2M Rail, the Society for Innovation & Development and the Indian Institute of Science in partnership with Dedicated Freight Corridor Corp of India.

MVIS will be developed over the next year to enable automated day and night time inspection of wagons of various types and carrying various loads running at line speed.

Defects to be detected will include broken or missing axle covers, wheel damage, open or hanging doors, missing or damaged springs, hanging parts and broken or bent brake beams.

The tool will initially be installed in a single location, before being rolled out across the eastern and western freight corridors.

‘Currently, inspection of wagons carrying freight is done manually while wagons are stationary or moving slowly’, said L2M Rail co-founder Sreenivasa Rao Ganapa. ‘This often requires maintenance personnel to be positioned uncomfortably inside underground pits, and cannot be carried out in inaccessible terrain. MVIS will automate this inspection process and enable fast and timely detection of defects in wagons to ensure rail safety.’