Scheidt & Bachmann FareGo Sales ST|40 ticket vending machine.

TICKETS: A second screen showing real-time passenger information and advertisements is incorporated into 70 FareGo Sales ST|40 ticket vending machines which Scheidt & Bachmann has supplied to Bayerische Oberlandbahn.

The TVMs also have a touch-screen interface for buying tickets, an ‘eco mode’ to reduce energy consumption and a glass and metal casing developed in conjunction with the German regional operator.

Meanwhile, Parkeon has rolled out software which enables the provision of passenger information on TVMs at stations in northern England.

‘Passengers at a number of our smaller stations don’t have access to physical customer information screens and it can be difficult for them to access the most up-to-date train running information’, said Alex Hynes, Managing Director of Northern Rail. ‘We know how important this is to them and we’re now offering even more ways to keep informed.’