Pandrol battery shearing machine

INTERNATIONAL: Pandrol has launched its E+ range of resilient track materials and battery powered maintenance tools designed to cut carbon emissions and reduce noise without compromising on power.

Pandrol CD100 Battery

E+ products include a battery grinder, battery-operated weld shear, CD100, QTrack, under-ballast mat and under-sleeper pad.

Pandrol HFP36V

‘The introduction of the E+ range is a fantastic step for us to unify the great work being done to optimise battery power and sustainable materials across Pandrol’s resilient systems, tools and track equipment’, explained CEO Eran Gartner. ‘Our focus on reduced emissions and improved working conditions on track will continue as we work towards becoming a cleaner, greener company.

‘Beyond product innovation, we are taking a holistic approach to improve sustainability across the whole of our business, from the energy we use in our factories, to our supply chain and equipment.’