The wagon-mounted XLOAD sensors automatically measure, monitor and track hazardous commodities as they are loaded, shipped and unloaded.

NORTH AMERICA: Supply chain data analytics company Nexxiot and cargo monitoring technology specialist TransRail Innovation Group have announced a partnership to integrate TRIG’s sensors into Nexxiot’s modular hardware and cloud data network.

TRIG’s digital sensors evaluate liquid cargo levels in real-time, monitor whether wagon handbrakes are on or off, and assess the open/closed status of doors and hatches. Status reports are sent to the Nexxiot cloud where the data are cleaned and processed for use by operators.

‘The IoT and big data ecosystem for cargo relies on the sharing of ideas and data to maximise business impact and success’, explained Stefan Kalmund, CEO of Zürich-based Nexxiot. ‘Our partnership with TRIG will help advance the much-needed digitisation of the North American rail fleet and enable our customers to deliver freight safely, securely, on time, and at optimum quality, which is vital to keep cargo owners, shippers and their customers on time and on budget.’

Rob Tasker, President & CEO of Calgary-based TRIG, said ‘the rail industry in North America is currently using 40-year-old technology to monitor the location of railcars. Fewer than 0·2% of those cars have sensors to monitor their current condition and status.’