Railway track

GERMANY: The AutomatedTrain project to test the driverless operation of multiple-units as part of the Digitale Schiene Deutschland initiative is to use Aeva’s frequency modulated continuous wave 4D LiDAR sensors.

A Siemens Mobility Mireo trainset is to be equipped for GoA4 unattended movement from stabling sidings to the departure station. A second trainset from the Stuttgart S-Bahn fleet will be used to collect data for obstacle recognition.

The Aeva sensors will provide movement detection, enabling the trains to ‘see’ things moving near the track, and giving a fast warning of any potential hazards. The trains’ surroundings will also be scanned to provide accurate location information in places where GPS may be unreliable, such as in tunnels or near tall buildings.

Dr Christian Hauswald, DSD Technical Project Lead for the AutomatedTrain, said the Aeva sensor had been selected for its high resolution, compact size and advanced readiness.

The AutomatedTrain project is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Action and managed by DB InfraGO in collaboration with DB Regio, Bosch Engineering, Codewerk, Duagon Germany, IAV, ITK Engineering, Red Hat, Siemens Mobility and Dresden Technical University.