Freight yard (Photo: DB).

EUROPE: Hit Rail’s H20 Path Request tool has been verified by the European Union Agency for Railways as TSI-compliant, enabling operatiors to streamline their processes for handling path requests across Europe without needing to develop their own tools.

The web app hosted in Hit Rail’s HEROS cloud platform allows a railway undertaking to carry out all the steps involved in requesting and obtaining paths from an infrastructure manager in an easy and user-friendly way, requiring only a web browser.

It conforms to the latest version of the Telematic Applications for Freight and Passengers TSIs, with a four step process: the railway undertaking requests a specific train path, the infrastructure manager responds with a path offer or path not available, the undertaking responds to accept or reject the proposal, and the infrastructure manager replies with the confirmed path and a booking status indicating commitment to providing the path.

Hit Rail said this process, is currently often implemented by phone or fax, because of the development costs and the need for special software, and different infrastructure managers have different rules.

The tool is available in English, French, German and Czech, with the facility to add new languages as required.

‘Railway undertakings can now begin to use this tool to significantly ease the burden of managing complex interoperability issues, especially where trains are crossing borders’, said Hit Rail General Manager Antonio Lopez. ‘The ERA Compliance Report means that rail organisations can have full confidence that this easy-to-use application fully complies with the TSI standards.’