CHINA: August 6 saw the opening of the first new metro line in Tianjin since 2012, with the entry into revenue service of Line 6.

The initial north-south section serves eight stations between Changhong Gonyuan and Nancuiping. Interchange is provided with Line 2 at Changhong Gonyuan and with Line 3 at Hongqi Nanlu.

Services operate every 10 min between 07.00 and 21.00, and the end-to-end journey time is 14 min. A fleet of six-car Type B trainsets with a maximum speed of 80 km/h is stabled at a depot at Dabizhuang.

Construction of Line 6 started in March 2011. When complete, Phase 1 will run for 29·1 km from Nancunzhuang to Shuishang Gongyuan; the remainder of this section is expected to open later this year. Once Phase 2 is completed, extending the line northeast, Line 6 will stretch 50·1 km from Nansunzhuang in the southeast to Meilinlu in the northeast with 39 stations.

Construction of two more lines is due to start this year: Line 7 from Yuguan Dao to Saida Bazhilu and Line 11 from Yi Zhongxin Yiyuan to Qijing Lu.