NETHERLANDS: Arriva has awarded Stadler a contract to maintain the 69 multiple-units which it is to operate on regional routes in Friesland and Groningen under the 15-year Noordelijke Lijnen concession which starts in December 2020.

The maintenance contract signed on July 10 builds on a similar agreement which has been in place since 2006, and will see Stadler add a third track at the Leeuwarden depot and recruit additional staff.

It covers 51 existing GTW 2/8 and GTW 2/6 diesel multiple-units which Stadler is to refurbish and equip with batteries to support regenerative braking, as well 18 new WINK units which has Arriva ordered in a €170m deal signed in November 2017. The WINK units will have Deutz engines fuelled with biodiesel made from hydrotreated vegetable oil and fat waste, with batteries to store regenerated braking energy.

Partial 1·5 kV DC electrification of the Leeuwarden – Groningen route is planned by 2025, at which point the use of biodiesel will be phased out in favour of battery power.