Sinara’s GT1h-002 prototype natural gas fuelled turbine-electric locomotive (Photo: Yury Zhuck).

RUSSIA: Sinara’s Lyudinovsky plant has produced a prototype natural gas fuelled turbine-electric locomotive, using components of a TEM7A.

The twin-section Do’Do’+Do’Do’ designated GT1h-002 is rated at 8·3 MW and has a maximum speed of 100 km/h. One section contains the gas turbine supplied by Kuznecov which drives an electrical generator from YeTM Privod, while the second section contains the LNG tanks supplied by Uralkriomash and fuel systems from Kriomash BZKM.

RZD has previously tested GT1h-001 (originally designated GT1), an experimental natural gas turbine locomotive designed by the All-Russian Scientific Research & Design Engineering Institute and assembled at Voronezh locomotive works in 2007 using the bogies and underframe of an electric locomotive.