Impression of Stadler Flirt3 electric multiple-unit for use by Go-Ahead in Baden-Württemberg.

GERMANY: The German subsidiary of UK-based rail and bus group Go-Ahead has awarded Stadler Pankow a contract to supply 45 Flirt3 electric multiple-units for use on services which it is to operate under contract to the Land of Baden-Württemberg from June 2019.

Stadler is to supply 11 three-car and 15 five-car EMUs for the Stuttgart Netz 1b (Rems – Fils) operating contract which covers 3·7 million train-km/year. A further nine four-car and 10 six-car EMUs fitted with LZB train control and provision for ETCS will be supplied for Lot 1c (Franken – Enz) services totalling 4·4 million train-km/year.

Announcing the order on May 11, Stadler said the 160 km/h low-floor EMUs would have a 'bright, inviting' interior, with luggage and bicycle spaces, spacious door areas and sliding steps. They will have 10 first class seats, with 165, 217, 273 or 329 standard seats, and passenger wi-fi will be provided. There will be an accessible toilet in each unit, and two toilets in the four-car units. The EMUs will carry the Land's ‘three lions’ livery.

Berlin-based Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH was formed in 2014, and won its first operating contracts when it was named the winner of two of the three Stuttgart Netz 1 contracts on November 17 2015. Deutsche Bahn challenged the decision, but this has now been resolved.

  • On May 9 Abellio Rail Südwest formally signed the Lot 1a (Neckartal) operating contract, covering 6·8 million train-km/year to be operated using 43 Bombardier Talent 2 EMUs.

Stuttgart Netz 1 operating contracts
Contract Operator Routes million train-km/year Rolling stock
Lot 1a (Neckartal) Abellio Rail Südwest
  • Stuttgart - Mühlacker - Bruchsal/Pforzheim
  • Stuttgart - Heilbronn - Mannheim/Osterburken
  • Stuttgart - Plochingen - Tübingen
6·8 43 x Bombardier Talent 2 EMUs.
Lot 1b (Rems - Fils) Go-Ahead
  • Stuttgart - Aalen - Crailsheim
  • Stuttgart - Geislingen (Steige) - Ulm
3·7 11 x three-car and 15 x five-car Stadler Flirt3 EMUs
Lot 1c (Franken - Enz) Go-Ahead
  • Stuttgart - Aalen;
  • Stuttgart - Karlsruhe
  • Stuttgart - Heilbronn - Lauda - Würzburg
4·4 9 x four-car and 10 x six-car Stadler Flirt3 EMUs