EUROPE: A sleeping car designed by Ukrainian manufacturer KVSZ for use on international services running from 1 520 to 1 435 mm gauge networks is expected to enter service on the Kyiv – Wien route from the December 10 timetable change.

Representatives of the national passenger operators of Ukraine, Hungary and Austria visited Kyiv’s main station on November 14 to inspect the Type 61-7034 coach, which was produced by KVSZ in 2011 but has not yet entered passenger service.

KVSZ developed the vehicle in co-operation with Poland’s Pesa, which designed the interiors and obtained certification for use on 1 435 mm gauge routes. There are 11 compartments which can be configured for two or three berths, plus one staff compartment.

The design complies with GOST 03 BM dimensions, being 26·696 m long and 2 824 mm wide with a tare weight of 58·5 tonnes. The bogies are at 19 m centres, but the design enables jacks arranged for 17 m centres to be used to lift the vehicle for bogie exchange at the breaks of gauge.

The vehicle is designed for operation at up to 160 km/h on broad gauge routes and 200 km/h on standard gauge routes, and to offer a service life of 40 years.