ZAGRO E-MAXI XXL with remote control

SHUNTER: Zagro has extended its range of battery-powered road-rail shunting vehicles with the E-MAXI XXL, the largest in the series.

The launch follows the unveiling of a prototype at InnoTrans 2018, and subsequent development to meet specific customer requirements. The first three are being supplied to India.

The 24 tonne E-MAXI XXL is designed to move loads of up to 2 000 tonnes, with all-wheel steering for operation in confined spaces.

It is powered by two 980 Ah lead batteries, which can be refilled by an onboard charger after 8 h of operation. A li-ion battery can be supplied if required, and a hybrid version is also available for longer operating times.

There is radio remote control for one-person operation, with preset travel speeds of 0 to 6 km/h or 0 to 15 km/h.

It is designed for track gauges from 1 000 to 1 676 mm, and can be supplied with various couplers and braking systems as well as an air-conditioned cab.