LKAB iron ore wagon (Photo: Kiruna Wagon/Runar Gudmundsson)

SWEDEN: Mining company LKAB has awarded Kiruna Wagon a contract to supply a further 100 high-capacity iron ore wagons and refurbish 92 of its existing vehicles.

The 92 rebuilt wagons will be fitted with stiffened load baskets and bottom hatches with sliding doors. This is intended to ensure smooth unloading of the raw material, which consists of a moist, fine-grained ore sludge, and reduces the risk of material getting stuck during the discharge process.

‘The ore wagons that Kiruna Wagon builds for us are of very high quality and reliability’, said LKAB Logistics Manager Linda Bjurholt when the order was announced on November 21. As CEO of operating subsidiary LKAB Malmtrafik, she explained that ‘LKAB accounts for around 45% of all rail transport in Sweden, measured in tonnes. With this new order, we have ensured sufficient capacity for continued deliveries of our iron ore products.’

Kiruna Wagon currently has licensing agreements with Egyptian and Australian companies that market these wagon designs in their respective regions. The company reported that negotiations were underway to appoint further licensees in other parts of the world.