LTG Cargo intermodal train

LITHUANIA: National freight operator LTG Cargo has announced a €100m plan to purchase its first electric locomotives.

They will be used to haul freight trains of up to 5 700 tonnes on the 376 km main line between Vilnius and the port of Klaipėda which is to be electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz.

The order would include spare parts and at least three years of maintenance.

LTG Cargo said the number of locomotives to be ordered will be decided following negotiations with potential suppliers. The first of the locos could enter service in 2027, and the framework contract would enable more to be ordered in the future.

‘We aim for comprehensive integration with the west and strengthening of services to the country’s customers, therefore we focus on both operational efficiency and the creation of sustainable logistics chains’, said CEO Eglė Šimė on July 7.

’The transport of freight by railways is one of the most sustainable logistics solutions, and with the arrival of electric locomotives we will be able to transport freight in a completely green way. In addition, electric locomotives stand out for their extremely efficient operation.’