TQ-600 synchronous motor.

CHINA: CSR has developed permanent magnet traction motors for two applications.

The TQ-600 synchronous motor has been used on a build of trains for the Shanghai – Kunming high speed line. Rated at 600 kW at a speed of 4 200 rev/min, the motor has a high power density of up to 1 kW/kg and offers a 3% improvement in efficiency compared with the Q-365 asynchronous motors used on the CRH380A high speed train. The 635 kg motor is fully enclosed with forced air cooling. CSR suggests that an eight-car train fitted with TQ-600 motors could save more than 2 million kWh a year on the Shanghai – Kunming route.

The TQ-100 is intended for tram and light rail applications and has been selected for use on low-floor trams fitted with supercapacitor energy storage intended for tram lines in the Haizhu district of Guangzhou and the Yinzhou district of Ningbo. Later builds will go to Kunming and Wuhan. Rated at 100 kW, the TQ-100 rotates at 2108 rev/min and offers an efficiency of 94·8%. It is a fully sealed self-ventilated design.