Talgo loco EIB loan

SPAIN: Trials are to begin shortly with the TPH2 fuel cell test locomotive developed by Talgo as part of its hydrogen traction programme. This forms part of a low-carbon research and development strategy which is being supported by a green hydrogen supply alliance and financing from the European Investment Bank.

The TPH2 loco has been produced by fitting fuel cells and traction batteries to the Travca L-9202 ‘Virgen del Buen Camino’ prototype multi-system and variable gauge locomotive which was built by Talgo in 2005.

The loco and five standard Talgo coaches will be used for test running in Extremadura to support the development of Talgo’s Vittal One demonstrator modular multiple-unit for short and medium-distance services, which is expected to begin trials in 2023.

Talgo Petronor

On January 24 the Álava regional authority, oil company Petronor and Talgo formed an alliance to develop a renewable hydrogen supply ecosystem in the area, which is home to Talgo’s Rivabellosa plant where the Vittal One is being developed. Membership of the alliance is open to other companies interested in transport decarbonisation.

Meanwhile, the European Investment Bank announced on February 4 that it had signed a third loan agreement with Talgo, providing €35m to finance R&D for low carbon components and systems in 2021-24.

This will focus on safer products and manufacturing processes, and the development of more energy-efficient rolling stock using recyclable composite materials.

‘We firmly believe that trains are the immediate response to the climate emergency, and EIB support will enable us to make further progress in decarbonising the transport system’, said Talgo Chairman Carlos Palacio Oriol.