Photo: Kazumiki Miura

JAPAN: Tobu Railway unveiled the first of 24 aluminium-bodied Series N100 EMUs on April 15, branding its new fleet as ‘Spacia X’.

#7_Standard Seat

Photo: Kazumiki Miura

Standard class seats.

Ordered from Hitachi in November 2021, the 1 067 mm gauge EMUs are based on the manufacturer’s A Train family and built at Kasado. Each six-car unit will provide 212 seats, including private compartments, lounge areas and a bar.

re-sized A15_5631Cockpit -Sweet

Photo: Akehiro Nakamura.

The cafe and cocktail lounge area.

The Series N100 EMUs are intended to operate limited express services on the 95 km Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen – Tōbu Nikkō line, the 16 km Tobu Kinugawa line from Shimo-Imaichi to Shin-Fujiwara, and the 41 km Skytree line from Asakusa to Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen. The first set is expected to enter passenger service on July 15.


Photo: Kazumiki Miura

Premium compartments are available onbaord.