GERMANY: The first Traxx MS3 locomotive was officially unveiled at Bombardier Transportation’s Kassel plant on July 4, watched by more than 100 representatives of train operators and stakeholders.

The Traxx 3 family is offered in AC, DC and multi-system variants. Bombardier said the Traxx MS3 equipped for 15 kV 16·7 Hz, 25 kV 50 Hz AC and 1·5 and 3 kV DC power supplies was the only multi-system locomotive with a last mile engine on the market. ‘It’s a key advantage, enabling our customers to offer an alternative to road-based freight throughout its entire journey’, said Michael Fohrer, Head of Bombardier Transportation in Germany.

The launch customer for the Traxx MS3 is TX Logistik, which has ordered 40 locomotives with an option for 25, while Akiem has ordered 10.

The Traxx 3 ‘responds to the demands of the global freight market’, said Peter Amman, Head of Global Ecosystem Freight Corridors at Bombardier Transportation. It is designed for condition-based and predictive maintenance, drawing on big data and internet of things technologies.

‘With its energy efficiency, proven ability to pull higher loads than comparable locomotives, customised configuration, simplified interface with ETCS and improved maintainability, this locomotive addresses our customers’ need for improved profitability, increased flexibility as well as for more reliable performance and availability during its whole lifecycle’, said Amman.

‘With over 2 200 units sold, our Traxx locomotive platform’s success has been proven beyond question’, said Fohrer.