RUSSIA: Rolling stock manufacturing group Transmashholding has announced that its sales in 2016 were up 22% year-on-year to 120bn roubles.

The largest increase was in the electric multiple-unit sector, with sales up 49% from 174 to 259 cars. Sales of double-deck coaches increase 23% from 70 to 86, while the sales of single-deck coaches increased 317% from 35 to 146. Metro car sales were up 15% from 235 to 271. Serbia was the main customer for diesel multiple-units, with 52 cars sold compared to four the previous year.

Sales of main line diesel and electric locomotives increased 6% from 267 to 283 locomotive sections, including 202 2TE25KM locomotive sections.

Prototypes developed last year included the TEM28 main line diesel freight locomotive built at the Bryansk Engineering Plant, a new version of the NPM2M industrial electric locomotive from TMH Novocherkassk, a new generation of metro trainset for Moscow and a battery-electric locomotive for metro maintenance. New EP2D and EP3D electric multiple-units were developed by the Demikhovo Engineering Plant.