Bellrock Technology

UK: University of Strathclyde spin-off company Bellrock Technology is working with leasing company Angel Trains to provide a ‘proof of value’ showing how its Lumen analytics software can improve rolling stock condition monitoring.

One four-week project will look at obtaining more meaningful data from door fault alerts, which can suffer from false positives, with the aim of aiding decisions on whether to take a train out of service.

A second project analyses the data generated from engines, in particular involving the working of the wax-type thermostat which is used to open and close a radiator coolant loop to control the warming and cooling of the engine.

Bellrock Technology ‘has extensive knowledge and world-class capabilities that help companies gain real value from their data’, said CEO Adam Brown. ‘We have achieved this by removing the pinch point that most businesses like Angel Trains experience — turning analytic innovations into operational, deployed, secure and robust systems that glean full value from their data.’