UK: Motorsport technology company McLaren Applied is to provide 5G data connectivity for Network Rail’s infrastructure monitoring trains.

This will make use of McLaren’s Fleet Connect software, which was originally developed for Formula 1 motorsport, with the first UK use of Active Antenna hardware with Huber+Suhner components.

Fleet Connect splits data across networks in real time and reassembles it in the cloud en route to its destination, reducing blackspots and providing a consistent connectivity stream for any moving vehicle in any environment.

Active Antenna simplifies on-train connectivity by embedding an edge computing module, modem and eSIM capability within the antenna, with all RF cables and routers replaced with a single ethernet connection.

‘We have created a turnkey product that is much greater than the sum of its parts’, said Samir Maha, Chief Operating Officer at McLaren Applied on November 15. The contract includes five years of servicing.