Plasser UK aerial view

UK: Plasser & Theurer agent Plasser UK has installed 339 photovoltaic solar panels to take advantage of the large roof space at its west London workshop as part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

The PV system supplied by Solarsense will generate 114 000 kWh/year, providing power for the site and supplying 18 electric vehicle charge points. It is expected to generate a net profit of more than £460 000 in the next 25 years.

‘We believe we will be able to power the whole factory from April to September without using any electricity from the National Grid’, said Plasser UK HSQE & Facilities Manager Michael Gowen.

It is the second PV system that Plasser UK has commissioned at the site, and will complement other sustainability measures including on-site energy generation, carbon offsetting, rainwater harvesting, recycling and waste management.

‘We had our first solar panels installed in 2015 and have now added a new system which more than doubles the number of panels’, said Gowen. ‘Lots of companies don’t think about doing it again but technology has moved on and the return on investment is now very different — the new panels are significantly more efficient.’