Siemens Mobility has recruited 12 ex-armed forces personnel as part of its Military2Rail initiative.

UK: As part of its Military2Rail initiative, Siemens Mobility has recruited 12 ex-armed forces personnel for roles including network engineers, planners, environment, health & safety advisors and project managers.

‘For a number of years, we have benefitted from the experience and expertise that ex-forces personnel have brought to our business and the wider rail industry, not just technically but also in terms of their invaluable leadership and team-working skills’, said Rob Morris, Managing Director of Rail Infrastructure for Siemens Mobility in the UK.

‘We deliver complex and logistically challenging infrastructure projects right across the UK and so the skillset this group is bringing is perfect for our business. The training that forces personnel receive is second to none, and so we’re not only pleased from a business point of view to have recruited such a talented group, but also as a signatory of the military covenant, we’re delighted to provide new career opportunities for new careers to military personnel.’