Railway tracks (Photo: Greater Anglia)

UK: Greater Anglia is using AI to analyse video footage from on-train cameras to pre-emptively identify vegetation which might block the line, obscure signals or lead to leaf fall problems.

Maps are generated showing where issues have been identified, enabling Network Rail to prioritise issues by severity and take action before problems occur.

The project is a collaboration between the operator, Network Rail, technology company CrossTech which has supplied its Hubble analysis platform, and Petards, which has supplied EyeTrain forward-facing CCTV cameras for the Great Anglia fleet.

‘Hubble was co-created with Network Rail’s delivery units and it is an excellent example of how modern AI technologies and innovation with end-users can increase productivity and help front-line teams’, said Haydon Bartlett-Tasker, Managing Director of CrossTech. CrossTech was previously known as Hack Partners before rebranding to reflect its move into AI software.