CHINA: Alstom and its local joint venture Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical Equipment Co Ltd have been awarded two contracts to supply Optonix traction equipment for metro cars that are scheduled to enter service in Chengdu and Xi’an from 2015.

A €33m order placed in November will see Optonix supplied for 246 CNR Dalian cars for Xi’an metro Line 3.

A €42m order placed the following month covers 306 cars for Chengdu metro lines 3 and 4. CNR Changchun is supplying 51 six-car trainsets with stainless steel bodies, capacity for 1 460 passengers and a maximum speed of 80 km/h, at a cost of 1·36bn yuan.

Alstom says that these are the first contracts that it has won in central and western China. Optonix is designed specifically designed for the Chinese market, and includes motors and auxiliary converters. These will be manufactured locally by SATEE and supported by Alstom’s design unit in Charleroi.