ROMANIA: Astra Vagoane Arad has started testing a prototype low-floor tram, which is currently being trialled at night on the Timișoara network. The standard gauge two-section Autentic tram is aimed at operators in Romania and neighbouring countries.

The 100% low-floor tram is 18·6 m long, 2 400 mm wide and 3·6 m high. The tare weight is 25 t and the tram has a maximum axleload of less than 10 t. It has a top speed of 70 km/h, maximum loaded acceleration of 1·25 m/s2, service braking deceleration of 1·5 m/s2 and emergency braking deceleration of 2·8 m/s2.

Each section of the articulated car is carried on a centrally mounted 1 800 mm wheelbase with 600 mm diameter wheels, enabling the tram to cope with a minimum curve radius of 18 m. Each axle is powered by a 120 kW asynchronous traction motor supplied by ICPE Saerp. Regenerative braking is also fitted.

The unidirectional tram has three 1 300 mm wide double doors, 32 seats and space for 90 standing passengers at 6/m2. Air-conditioning, a passenger information system and a passenger counting system are all fitted.