USA: The Warm Springs Constructors joint venture was awarded a $299m contract to design and build the 8·6 km Warm Springs Extension of San Francisco's BART network on June 24.

This is the second of two major contracts for the $890m project, which is currently running $123m under budget as a result of the economy creating what BART called 'a good bidding environment'. The first contract was awarded in a 2009, and covered the 1·6 km Central Park Subway underground section in Fremont which is now approximately half complete.

The Warm Springs Extension is scheduled to open in 2015 as the first element of a plan to extend BART into Silicon Valley.

The next phase, under direction of the Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority, will extend the tracks 16 km from Warm Springs to the Berryessa neighbourhood of east San Jose. Subject to funding being finalised, construction of this section is planned to get underway next year for completion in 2018.