BNSF in the Tehachapi Mountains (Photo: Dave Lustig)

NORTH AMERICA: US telematics company Amsted Digital Solutions has acquired Calgary-based fleet management software developer GeoMetrix Rail Logistics, as a ‘first milestone’ towards expanding its digital footprint.

‘Our vision is to create a seamless and single platform experience for our customers’, said ADS Chief Operations Officer Brad Myers on March 9. ‘We are excited about the addition of the well-respected GeoMetrix team and the software they provide. GeoMetrix is a strong part of our vision and together we will shape the next evolution of fleet management leveraging AI technology and ADS’s machine learning team.’

ADS’s onboard GPS technology provides features including geofence alerting, arrival, dwell and departure information, impact detection and out-of-route notification. GeoMetrix’s software includes bill of lading creation, track-and-trace capability, waybill reporting, yard management, enterprise resource planning integration, analysis tools and lease management.

This year ADS is to release a dynamic ETA capability using machine learning enhanced with onboard GPS, as well as a status feature that does not require a secondary sensor to determine whether a wagon is empty or loaded.

‘Technology changes rapidly, and those companies that create an efficient and streamlined structure to harness digital technologies will be the leaders in delivering real value quickly to their customers. That is what we will do together’, said GeoMetrix founder Jim Benedict, who is now a member of the ADS Ideation Team.

Former President of GeoMetrix Jason Benedict is now Vice-President, Digital Sales, at ADS.