INTERNATIONAL: Ricardo and PantoInspect have formed a strategic alliance to supply PanMon pantograph monitoring technology in the Americas, building on its use in Europe, Australia and Africa.

PanMon uses high-definition cameras and lasers above or adjacent to the track to scan passing pantographs at 3 000 frames/sec, measuring symmetry, pitch and yaw as well as the condition and thickness of the carbon contact strip.

The images are digitally collated by Danish company PantoInspect and relayed to network owners via cloud-based dashboards, highlighting negative trends and raising alarms if thresholds are breached.

Maintenance teams can use 2D images and 3D scans to identify individual defective pantographs and take action to prevent further damage to the overhead electrification.

‘PanMon is a proven, high-performing system that delivers analysis with pinpoint accuracy’, said Kirk Klug, Ricardo’s Director of Business Development for Rail in the US. ‘It has helped lead the way in promoting cost-effective, condition-based maintenance regimes in the rail industry and we look forward to bringing this outstanding technology to a major new market.’

PantoInspect CEO Malte Brieting said ’working alongside Ricardo we have continued to establish PantoInspect as one of the most accurate and reliable measurement solutions on the market. This agreement opens a major new territory for this technology.’