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    Changchun, Jilin, China: urban area rail network map

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    Changchun Rail Transit Corp (CRT)

    Opened 2011, China’s 14th heavy metro; light rail opened 2002. Network now comprises three metro lines serving 54 stations, plus three light rail/light metro routes serving 57 further stations, and a tramway serving 24 stops. See Changchun network map. Changchun’s first route to open was in October 2002 when light ...

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    Metro Report International

    Changchun adds light rail line


    CHINA: The third line of Changchun’s light rail network opened on October 30. Line 8 runs north from the northern terminus of metro Line 1 at North Ring Road to Guangtong Road. Services on the elevated 13·3 km route with 12 stops run every 10 min from 06.00 to 21.00, ...

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    Metro Report International

    Changchun metro Line 2 opens


    CHINA: Services on Changchun metro Line 2 began on August 30. The 22·8 km east-west route serves 18 stations between Dongfang Square and Changchun West high speed station. The underground line is electrified at 1·5 kV DC overhead. The fleet of 70 km/h six-car Type B trainsets is stabled at ...

  • Changchun metro Line 1 opened on June 30.
    Metro Report International

    First heavy metro line opens in Changchun


    CHINA: The first heavy metro line in Changchun began trial operation at 08.00 on June 30. Line 1 runs from Beihuan in the north to Hongzuizi in the south, serving 15 stations. Services currently operate between 05.15 and 21.30. Construction started in April 2011. The 18·1 km route runs underground ...

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    Little Snow Leopard arrives in Changchun


    CHINA: The first train for the Changchun metro was presented to the city on August 2. Nicknamed Little Snow Leopard, the six-car Type B set is the first of 22 that CRRC Changchun is supplying for the city’s first metro line. According to the city administration, the white exterior livery ...