SPAIN: The Improve Life project to assess and improve air quality in metro stations and trains has been launched in Barcelona. The EU’s LIFE programme is funding 50% of the €0·8m cost, and the results are to be made available to other operators so that the recommendations can be applied elsewhere.

The Spanish Research Council for Scientific Research and metro operator TMB are to carry out a more thorough analysis following a study which was conducted in 2011-12. The concentration of airborne suspended microparticles will be measured and their chemical composition analysed. Measurements will be taken under normal conditions and during work that generates dust, such as track renovation. Specific components like rails, brake pads, ballast and electric wires will be analysed with a view to finding alternative materials for their composition or coatings to reduce dust generation. The effectiveness of tunnel ventilation will also be examined.

The first measuring apparatus has been installed at La Sagrera station on Line 5. A further 10 stations are expected to be equipped by September 2016.n