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    High speed: TGV POS prepares to enter service


    In readiness for the opening of TGV Est next June, Alstom is delivering multi-system TGV POS power cars equipped for operation in Germany and Switzerland. The latest addition to the TGV family features a powerful new transformer and regenerative braking. Laurent Charlier reports from Belfort

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    Netherlands: Hanze Line construction ready to start


    This winter work will begin on the Hanze Line, a 50 km link shortening the route from Amsterdam to the northern Dutch provinces. Peter Badcock describes the project, which under current government strategy will be the last new-build railway until 2020

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    High speed: TGV Est set to hit the headlines in June


    THE STAGE has been set for another chapter to be written in the 25-year history of France's TGV network. When the first 300 km of TGV Est between Vaires-sur-Marne and Baudrecourt opens on June 10, Strasbourg and around 20 other major towns and cities in eastern France will be connected ...

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    High speed: London joins the network on November 14


    ON NOVEMBER 14 2007, London will finally be placed on Europe's rapidly-growing network of high speed railways. The opening of Section 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link will take Eurostar trains at high speed into the heart of the capital, where they will terminate beneath Sir William Barlow's ...

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    High speed: Spanish network to grow by 500 km in 2006-07


    During the course of 2007, high speed infrastructure is due to be brought into service to Barcelona, Málaga and Valladolid as investment continues at an average €7·7bn per annum, writes Robert Preston THE NEXT section of the high speed line between Madrid, Barcelona and the French border, comprising 82·5 km ...

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    High speed: Germany pauses after a busy year


    EAST of the Rhine, much of the action happened earlier this year with the opening in May of the Nürnberg - Ingolstadt high speed line. Nonetheless, the timetable change on December 10 sees DB recast its long-distance services to take full advantage of the latest addition to the Neubaustrecken network. ...

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    High speed: Milano - Bologna is next to open on Italy's Big T


    TRENITALIA has been operating limited services over the 300 km/h Roma - Napoli line for 12 months, stepping up the number of trains to seven a day each way from September 17. More are planned as the fleet of ETR500 trainsets with dual-voltage power cars is progressively equipped to operate ...

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    High speed: Construction wave adds high speed lines in six states


    Over the next 12 months segments of high speed line are set to open in six countries across Western Europe, reports Murray Hughes. France will launch 320 km/h services on TGV Est next June, and the French government has committed to add 900 km to the TGV network over the ...

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    Dominican Republic metro fit-out


    ON OCTOBER 31 the Dominican Republic's Oficina para la Reorganización del Transporte confirmed a €99m contract for electrical and mechanical works on the metro line now under construction in Santo Domingo. The contract has been awarded to a consortium of Siemens and Thales, which will share the revenue 72:27. ...