'Trensformer' trailer developed by RENS.

ROAD-RAILER: The 'Trensformer' trailer developed by Dutch firm RENS is an adaptable platform intended to permit a standard road vehicle to operate as a tractor unit on rail wheels.

With an adjustable length of between 4125 mm and 5025 mm, Trensformer allows a standard road vehicle, such as a tractor, pick-up truck or motorised crane, to be mounted over a set of rollers. The rollers allow the road vehicle’s own drive train to power the rail wheels directly, essentially creating a low-cost shunting locomotive or tug.

The trailer is equipped with a parking brake, and a compressor module controllable from the dashboard can be used to enhance the road tractor’s own brakes. Road vehicles weighing up to 20 tonnes can be accommodated on the platform; no further rail-specific approvals are required if the tractor unit is already cleared to work in a railway environment.

The Trensformer trailer can be supplied with fixed fastenings for use with a single type of road tractor. Polyurethane-coated rail wheels can be supplied to give additional adhesion if required.

RENS believes the design would be of particular use to industrial railways, maintenance contractors and private siding operators in need of a multi-purpose vehicle at low cost.