UWC six-axle articulated hopper wagon

RUSSIA: United Wagon Co has obtained certification for two designs of six-axle articulated hopper car with 25 tonne axleload bogies. The Type 19-6978 is intended for grain traffic, and the Type 19-6978-01 for mineral fertilisers.

Both types have a capacity of 160 m3 or 113·5 tonnes, and are compatible with standard loading and unloading infrastructure at existing terminals. The articulation is suitable for operation over small radius curves and in hump yards.

UWC has now received certification for articulated open, hopper and tank wagon designs. These offer an increase in load per unit length when compared to conventional wagons, providing a 22% increase in network capacity while maintaining standard train lengths, and lowering costs by reducing the required fleet size and saving on freight tariffs.

‘We are currently seeing high levels of competition on the grain market among exporting nations, production volumes of mineral fertilisers are increasing, and the demand for these products is growing domestically’, said Boris Myagkov, Deputy CEO for Commerce & Marketing. ‘The UWC-produced articulated hopper cars and gondola cars are now ready to be rolled out onto the network, and the tank cars are already showing great operational results. In the near future, the company plans to certify its articulated flat cars, which are equipped to transport freight in interchangeable bodies, including hopper bodies.’