Jan Knievel, Enerparc AG and Carsten Giesel, Managing Director of Metrans Rail Deutschland at the solar park in Schleswig-Holstein

GERMANY: Hamburger Hafen & Logistik’s rail freight subsidiary Metrans has signed a power purchase agreement with Sunnic Lighthouse, which markets electricity from a solar plant developed by Enerpac at Bimöhlen in Schleswig-Holstein.

The agreement covers around 10% of the Metrans Rail Deutschland’s annual requirement of more than 120 GWh, which is already 100% met by buying green electricity.

‘We are working on an ecologically balanced business model, which also includes generating our own electricity from sustainable sources’, said Metrans CEO Peter Kiss on June 19.

‘This enables us to reduce fluctuations in electricity prices and offer our customers service solutions that are not only climate-friendly, but also make economic sense.’