Green Cargo Golden Bullet 2.0 timber wagon

SWEDEN: ‘Wagons that seemed new and innovative a few years ago already feel dated. They pale in comparison’, said Johan Roswall, Roundwood Sales Executive at Green Cargo, as the operator announced the first customer for Golden Bullet 2.0, ‘the market’s most efficient timber wagon’.

The wagon has been developed specifically for the Swedish market by the operator and timber transport technology company ExTe in conjunction with selected potential users.

‘One remark from the trials was “This is the absolute best wagon we’ve handled, and we’ve tested all kinds of wagons available in the market”’, Roswall said on October 11.

It combines an increased payload and lower axleload, with offers a load area of 10·82 m2. The stanchions are to a revised design intended to combine strength with flexibility. The wagon is designed to operate in the extreme cold of northern winters, with ‘uncomplicated’ construction to make maintenance easy.

The launch customer is forestry company Holmen Skog, which ‘will be the first in Sweden to use the most modern solution for roundwood transport’, Roswall added. ‘And we’re not done yet. Just around the corner are more technological developments that we’ll be presenting in the future.’