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  • KDvxl_kryss_cst_D_R3361
    In depth

    Infrastructure: A change of track


    Advances in turnout design, greater use of digital technologies and a strong focus on performance are helping to improve the capacity and reliability of Sweden’s rail network. Chris Jackson reports from Örebro.

  • SJ CAF Civity Nordic impression

    Comfortable seats and good connectivity specified in inter-regional train order


    SWEDEN: State-owned passenger operator SJ has awarded CAF a €300m contract to supply 25 five-car inter-regional electric multiple-units, with options for 35 more. The 200 km/h units from the Spanish manufacturer’s Civity Nordic family will be winterised to withstand snow and temperatures down to -40ºC. They ...

  • Göteborg transport operator Västtrafik has awarded Škoda Group an €80m contract to overhaul 80 Type M31 trams.
    Metro Report International

    Göteborg tram modernisation contract awarded


    SWEDEN: Göteborg transport operator Västtrafik has awarded Škoda Group an €80m contract to overhaul 80 Type M31 trams. The work to be undertaken at Škoda Ekova’s Ostrava site in 2022-27 includes replacing the doors, installing a wheelchair ramp, renewing braking systems, fitting cab air-conditioning, an internal ...

  • Railcare battery MPV

    Battery maintenance machines under development to meet sustainability targets


    SWEDEN: Contractor Railcare is developing additional battery-powered maintenance vehicles as part of its ambitions to be ‘a front runner within the industry’ for sustainability and meet its target of reducing CO2 emissions from operations by 40% by 2025.

  • Railway engineering works in Sweden

    Trafikverket considers in-house maintenance management to facilitate benchmarking


    SWEDEN: Infrastructure manager Trafikverket has put forward proposals to take in-house the management of maintenance on three sections of the national rail network, in order to provide a benchmark for its other contracts and to improve its knowledge base as an informed customer. Although predecessor Banverket ...

  • se-lund-station-oresundstaget

    Öresundståg terminates SJ operating contract


    SWEDEN: Regional authorities in the south of the country have awarded a two-year emergency contract for Transdev to operate Öresundståg services from December 10, having agreed to terminate an eight-year contract with SJ after just two years.

  • Railcare snow

    Swedish snow clearance contract extended


    SWEDEN: Transport infrastructure manager Trafikverket has exercised an option to extend Railcare’s contract for snow removal on the rail network for a further three years to April 30 2025. Under the SKr40m/year agreement Railcare provides a number of machines and personnel that are strategically deployed across ...

  • Roslagsbanan

    Stockholm narrow gauge suburban services transfer to Transdev


    SWEDEN: Transdev took over from Arriva as operator of Stockholm’s 891 mm gauge Roslagsbanan suburban network on April 15. The operating contract awarded by regional transport authority Storstockholms Lokaltrafik runs for 12 years and has a total value of around SKr4bn. ‘We have been preparing for ...

  • SJ Alstom Zefiro Express train impression (Image: Alstom)

    SJ orders 250 km/h trains as ‘the best travel product in Scandinavia’


    SWEDEN: SJ has signed a €650m contract for Alstom to supply 25 Zefiro Express 250 km/h trainsets, which the national passenger operator says will complement its refurbished X2000 fleet as ‘the best travel product in Sweden and Scandinavia’, meeting the demand for ‘climate-smart, comfortable and efficient’ ...

  • Pågatåg.

    Finland’s VR buys Arriva’s Swedish rail and bus business


    SWEDEN: Finland’s national railway VR Group is to acquire Deutsche Bahn’s Swedish train and bus operating business Arriva Sverige, with the aim of expanding in the urban transport sector and becoming a significant operator in the larger Swedish market. Arriva Sverige is Sweden’s third largest train ...

  • Pilotprojekt - Wavebreaker och Tvärbanan2

    Swedish start-up develops sound damping modules to mitigate railway noise


    SWEDEN: Lerum-based start-up Wavebreaker has developed a passive sound damping module designed to mitigate traffic and railway noise in urban environments. Tested in a pilot project with Stockholm transport authority SL last year, the Wavebreaker modules are based on the principle of ...

  • roberto-maiorana

    Maiorana takes over at Trafikverket


    SWEDEN: Roberto Maiorana has taken over as Director-General of rail and highway infrastructure manager Trafikverket with effect from March 1. Nominated by the government on February 17, Maiorana has extensive experience in the international transport sector. He held a range of leading roles at airline SAS ...

  • Infranord Tb loco

    Infranord locos to be equipped with Hitachi ETCS


    SWEDEN: Hitachi Rail is to fit ETCS and STM-ATC2 equipment on two Class Tb diesel locomotives operated by state-owned railway construction and maintenance company Infranord. STM-ATC2 enables vehicles equipped with ETCS to operate on lines which have not yet been equipped with ETCS lineside technology. ‘These ...

  • Göteborg's M34 trams will be 12 m longer than that M33 (Image Västtrafik)
    Metro Report International

    Longer trams ordered for Göteborg


    SWEDEN: Alstom has been awarded a €100m order to supply 40 Flexity trams of a lengthened design to Göteborg. Funded by the Västra Götaland region, the order announced on February 9 has been and placed by regional transport authority Västtrafik using an option on a 2016 ...

  • Port of Göteborg freight train

    Port of Göteborg reports record rail traffic


    SWEDEN: The port of Göteborg handled 458 000 TEUs by rail in 2021, the highest annual figure in its history, up 9% on 2020, Göteborg Port Authority announced on February 2. More than 60% of the container traffic passing through the port is now being transported ...

  • Alstom Traxx locomotives for Railpool

    Railpool orders Traxx locomotives


    EUROPE: Leasing company Railpool has awarded Alstom a contract to supply 15 Traxx 3 locomotives for use in Norway, Sweden and Italy, with an option for five more. The electric locomotives with last mile diesel engines are to be delivered from Alstom’s plants at Kassel in ...

  • BR-lok och vagnar Green Cargo foto Krister Källström Green Cargo

    Green Cargo restructures European freight flows


    EUROPE: Swedish freight operator Green Cargo has restructured its international train services with the aim of simplifying operations, reducing costs and cutting transit times.

  • SJ Alstom high speed train impression

    SJ orders Sweden’s fastest trains


    SWEDEN: National operator SJ has confirmed that Alstom is to supply the fastest trains in Sweden, which will have a maximum speed of 250 km/h for use on long distance inter-city services including routes to Denmark and Norway. The initial order will cover 25 electric trainsets ...

  • SJ night train

    Coronavirus track access charge reduction approved


    SWEDEN: The European Commission has approved under EU State aid rules a SKr1·37bn Swedish scheme to support the rail passenger and freight sectors during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Haparanda - Tornio railway bridge (Photo: Andreas Lakso, CC BY-SA 4.0)

    Finland – Sweden rail link to be electrified


    FINLAND: Funding has been agreed for the electrification of the 24 km line from the junction at Laurila near Kemi to Tornio and across the border to Haparanda in Sweden.