Wagons belonging to independent freight operator OWLN damaged by Russian shelling.

INTERNATIONAL: Railroad Development Corp is working with RailAdventure on plans to ship 1000 North American freight wagons to Europe to help export grain from Ukraine.

RDC has identified a fleet of small-profile covered hopper wagons used previously to haul fracking sand that could be modified for use in Europe. Modifications would be needed to braking equipment and wheels would need to be reprofiled to match European requirements. The companies are looking at ways of dealing with European certification rules which could entail shipping three wagons in advance for testing in Europe.

The fleet would be marshalled into 50-wagon rakes with the end vehicles equipped with European couplings. They would operate on five routes specified by grain companies.

Earlier, RDC worked with BahnTouristikExpress to help Ukrainian evacuees travel into Europe over a five-week period.

In related developments Network Rail in the UK is planning to send an equipment delivery train to Ukraine carrying specialist railway machinery and materials including tamping units and rail saws as well as bridge components and tunnel linings.